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Addressing The "RIGHT THINGS"

An in depth look at Skills and the Development of Specific Outcomes

In considering all the necessary components or the "Right Things" of a complete basketball program we have worked to RESPECT the wants and needs of ourselves as coaches (SELF). We have worked to develop understanding in the games of basketball and life (THE GAME). And finally we have worked to bring these lessons to all members of the greater basketball community (OTHERS).

This section is organized into the four "right things" categories of a complete Values Based Basketball Program. For an in depth explanation of each of the components themselves please click the links below:

Psychological Skills

Individual Sport Specific Skills

Individual Physical Skills

Team Systems

To demonstrate how to take this understanding and practically act upon (LOVE) by "doing the right things at the right time in the right way" (Williams, 2015). follow this link to the Practical Application page:

Practical Application of the Values Based Approach within each Program Component