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Individual Sport Specific Fundamentals

Progression of Independent through Interdependent Skill Development






Triple Threat

- Creating Space with Pivot

- Sweeps/Jabs/Fakes


- Protective Dribble

- Speed Dribble

- Dribble moves and counters

- Closing Space

- Using Space

- Creating Space

Triple Threat

- Creating Space with Pivot

- Sweeps/Jabs/Fakes


- Protective Dribble

- Speed Dribble

- Dribble moves and counters

- Closing Space

- Using Space

- Creating Space

Two Handed

- Overhead

- Chest

- Bounce

One Handed (L&R)

- Baseball

- Straight Push

- Sit down-Throw high

- Dribble Pound & Push

- Bounce Push

- Raise body-throw low

- Dribble Pound & Push

Spacing the Floor

- Shifting into passing lanes

- Extra Pass Concept


- Utilizing Angles

- L-Cut (Face/Backdoor)

- Sealing and Posting

Screen Reads

- Being screened for

- Straight/Curls/fade

- Screening

- Slip/Roll/Pop

On Ball

- Close outs

- Positioning

- Ball-You-Basket

- Arms Length

- Footwork

- Play through lines

- Communication

Off Ball

- Flat Triangles/Helpside

- Jam Cutter

- Communicate

Offensive Rebound

- Spin off first contact

- Swim a defender

- Rebounding Angles

Defensive Rebound

- Seek First Contact

- Control Contact

- Explode to ball

 Independent Skills progress to Interdependence as players move from performance of basic to complex skills.

We at VBB believe that there are five areas of skills in which must develop (Ball-handling, Shooting, Passing, Defending, and Rebounding). Throughout the process of player development from youth through to the professional level it is logical to place Individual Sport Specific Skill Development on a continuum from basic through complex. Or from Independent abilities through to interdependent. In the beginning we tend to develop these skills for the purpose of independence within play (Love through Respect for Self).

As players progress, development of skills becomes more complex. In the interest of further improving performance players take the first steps towards interdependence through reasoning the game. It is no longer enough to be able to do, they desire improvement within basketball IQ by coming to know the why? (Love through Respect for the Game).

At the highest levels of individual Skill Development players reallize that all individual skills will be used to best serve the team. When one is efficient they create opportunities for self and others, thus the true purpose of individual skill development is to be the best team that the group can be. This comes down to developing to the point that one sees personal skill development and that of all teammates as truly Interdependent (Love through Respect for Others). When this happens individuals train and maintain faith in their teammates. They use their individual skills attempt/make the right play no matter what. This shows faith in self and teammates, and it allows coaches and teammates to support the development of all individual skills within members of the team by bringing weaknesses to the forefront,

Within the Practical Application menu, approaches and resources for teaching Individual Sport Specific Fundamental Skills are provided and will be continually updated. The link below can also be followed to this area of our website.

A Practical Approach to Developing Individual Fundamental Skills