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THE SETUP! Richard Feynman on Magnetism

Prior to the weeks team session send this you-tube video link of Nobel winning Physicist, Richard Feynman to all team members. This will prime their thinking before arriving to the team session.

Ask them to think about and be prepared to discuss the following:

1) What valuable information did you take away from this video?

2) Can you describe the key points with single words or phrases.

The Secret Society: What is it's claim to Fame?

Begin the classroom session by watching this entertaining commercial about a secret society. Once completed ask students "What do you know about secret societies?". If necessary explain that a Secret Society claims to know something that the rest of society is unaware of, or too blind to see. Nobody can join the secret society without first earning the right to know the secret!

Students will play some Secret Society Games to get the idea. The following are common secret society games:

- Black Magic.

- 4 is Cosmic.

- Johnny Whoop.

- Yurt Circle Challenge.

The players themselves will know some other games. Let them share as well.

Explain further that in a true secret society, the secrets they protect are believed give them and them only a major advantage in leading happy/successful lives and the ability to influence the rest of society.

Let the players know that we as the coaches of this team know the secret to success, and that they as having made this team will have earned the right to learn the secret throughout the season to come! Our team is a Secret Society in itself.

STANDARD TWO: Have Faith In the Mission!

The "But Why?" Challenge:

Ask students to come up with a statement they know to be true. Ask what a 5 year old's response to this question would be? "But Why?" is the response again

and again. What is your final answer to the 5 year old?

Revisit the video of Richard Feynman explaining Magnetism. In a Think/Pair/Share format:

1) Silently have players reflect on the video.information they found interesting, and the words and phrases they came up with to summarize Feynman's insights.

2) Assign partners and have them share their thoughts and ideas.

3) Have each partner summarize the thoughts of the other for the whole group.

Feynman (2008) states “If a person is not experienced, there must be some acceptance that key concepts are indeed true, though they may not be understood”.

There are facts in this world. Unfortunately even facts require some faith! Especially at the beginning.

In our secret society one of the three standards states: Have Faith in the Mission! In our next lesson we will introduce our Mission. Though you may not fully understand the truth of it at first, to truly be a part of this team you must come to believe it to be true! The secret truth will become more evident as we move forward within the season and as each of us move forward in life!